Local Government Summit

Are you looking for a unique local government conference? Our 2022 LocalGov Summit brings together local government staff and elected members with partners to deliver real and groundbreaking projects!

 In 2022 we are presenting you with a conference packed with industry experts and a dynamic schedule. We know that everyday councils across Australia make decisions that shape the future of this country. Communities of great diversity depend on dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking councils. That is why we have assembled the industries best at our upcoming conference!

 Our Summit will give you exposure to all industries that work and support local government. 

Participants who attend will:

  • Forge industry connections to collaborate on projects
  • Learn from innovative professionals about the latest industry developments
  • Expand your local government network to refine and innovate within your council
  • Find out about planned local government projects

Whether you work within, consult for or partner with local governments, you won’t want to miss our Summit!

Introducing LocalGov Summit 2022

We are delighted to announce the 2022 LocalGov Summit, which will take place in Sydney this July.

This event is different to any other in the field as we bring together government, industry and communities in a dynamic way. Alongside timely topics, our Summit will help you deliver results at your workplace.

Our Summit will focus on real outcomes and leading-edge initiatives, harnessing the ways new technologies can transform how local government works. Our dynamic program is designed by industry experts to provide you with innovative solutions and thought-provoking sessions to give you an edge.

Join us for this highly interactive event! You will never think the same way about local government again. 

  • Be inspired by thought leaders and colleagues across the country
  • An expert program designed by the industry, for the industry
  • New, fresh and innovative material
  • Informative and interactive workshops that you will enjoy
  • Discover the latest technologies and proven strategies
  • Transform your entire thinking on the meaning of local government
  • Discover or re-shape your personal and professional vision for 2022
  • Network with leading industry peers from around Australia
  • Establish real outcomes through practical applications
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Get ahead of the game with the latest technologies
  • Update your knowledge of core areas regarding local government
  • Learn, develop and apply valuable leadership skills
  • Transform your workforce’s mentality
  • General managers and CEO’s 
  • Mayors and Councillors
  • Directors and Managers
  • Strategic and Corporate Planners
  • Integrated Planners
  • Finance staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Infrastructure and Transport staff
  • Media, Communications and Engagement staff
  • Community Development staff
  • Information and Communications Technology staff
  • Anyone with an interest in innovative local government!

LocalGov Summit 2022

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