Local Government Summit

2022 Local Government Summit

The 2022 Local Gov Summit took place in Sydney, bringing together local government staff and elected members with partners to deliver real and groundbreaking projects. The summit focused on leading-edge initiatives, harnessing the way new technologies can help transform how local government works and the exciting opportunities on offer.

The 2-day program gave participants an insight into the many aspects of local government and how to bring government, industry, and the community together. Delegates left with the toolset on how to

  • Forge industry connections to collaborate on projects
  • Create better outcomes for vulnerable communities
  • Co-design engagement
  • Combat adversity
  • Create inviting spaces for young people
  • Enhance public space

 And much more!

This event provided a wide range of topics that created conversation and allowed participants to brainstorm how these ideas could be used and applied in their own projects and day-to-day work. The 2022 summit encouraged initiative and using the tools learnt to refine and get creative in local government.

2021 Local Government Summit

After a challenging and tumultuous year with Covid-19 lockdowns, Captivate Conferences were able to run our 2021 Community Engagement Summit! As our first conference back since the pandemic began, we were thrilled to be connecting with colleagues and forging new relationships across our diverse industry. 

The first day of the conference featured a masterclass by engagement design professionals, Darius Turner and Joel Fredericks. The masterclass was a practical hands-on exploration of tools,  techniques and strategies to design, develop and deploy community engagement. ‘Engagement 101’ will give you a unique understanding of the challenges faced by clients and give you unique insight into planning for interesting Covid-safe engagement.

Our second and third days focused on innovative and authentic approaches to community engagement. Our presenters brought a wealth of experience to the summit that highlighted new and exciting ways we can meaningfully engage with our identified stakeholders. We had presenters from local councils, community engagement specialists, construction companies, data management specialists and a host of others from our industry. 

2019 Local Government Summit

The 2019 Local Government Summit was an exciting and future-focused event packed with a dynamic range of public and private sector speakers sharing their professional insights. The 2-day program focused on how technology can be harnessed to improve local government decision-making, as well as the importance of a positive workplace culture in generating success. Innovation and agility were key themes of this event, with a focus on how local governments can evolve to keep up with their communities’ ever-changing needs.

Emerging tools and technologies were also a strong theme of this summit, which sought to explore the ways in which cutting-edge technologies can assist in local government decision-making. Throughout the summit, workshops were held on virtual and augmented reality for local government, as well as geo-spatial online engagement for better planning. Industry leader Allison Hendricks also gave a talk on how councils can manage stakeholder data in a more efficient manner, to better inform decision-making.

The summit also delved into the importance of cultivating a positive culture and strong leadership within local government workplaces. Daniel Murray, the CEO & Founder of Empathic Consulting, spoke on the benefits of leading with empathy whilst local government leaders Steven Head and Dominic Johnson shared their experiences in developing positive workplace culture.

The event was rounded off with an interactive session to re-cap the ideas discussed by the speakers and facilitators. Participants were encouraged to brainstorm how these ideas could be applied to their own upcoming projects and initiatives within local government. This ensured that the knowledge learned throughout the summit could be applied practically to future local government decision-making processes.

LocalGov Summit 2022

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